What Is The Best Thickness For Custom Shower Screens and Shower Doors?

10mm walk in shower screen

One of the biggest questions is stability when choosing a bespoke shower door , screen or enclosure.

What is the best thickness for a shower screen door?

To answer in the simple terms, it works best with either 8mm Toughened Glass or 10mm Toughened Glass.

Nichba_Design_Bath_shower screen

Photo Courtesy of Nichba Design Click here to go to their website

There are many thickness of shower screens available on the market that are pre made or manufactured. You can by an ‘off the shelf’ a pre made shower enclosure that can suit most shower trays and that’s good news.

The screen thickness can vary, some I have witnessed to be 5mm Toughened glass or 6mm Toughened glass. This type of enclosure is conveniently cheap to purchase and get delivered. Delivery can be almost next day or you can collect from a Store or Shop pending it being in stock.

As much as at this thickness (5 or 6mm) you would be shunned by anyone who supplies bespoke or custom shower screens, this thickness has sat well in the purse of General homebuilders or homeowners to fill a gap.

So Why choose a thicker glass for a bespoke or custom shower screen?

Structure…… Although the main purpose of 8mm / 10mm / 12mm glass is to withhold and retain water from escaping the shower, it usually has no frame. So in a structural sense, the thicker the better.

For instance; when a door has to be hinged off another fixed panel, its usually joined with clamps or hinges.
This will require the clamps or hinges to apply a force to the glass when a panel is under load when moved / pushed or generally passing loads through each other. The loading point needs to be structually sound to carry out any movement or loading support.

This is why 8, 10 and 12mm is always the better solution and avoids breakages around the mentioned joints and hinge points

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