What Are Patch Fittings? Are They Easy To Fit?

Top patch fitting

Patch fittings are a term in the glass industry for Hinge fittings. Most commonly found in Glass partitions or Glass walls.

A patch fitting with generally consist of top Patch and a ceiling mount . A bottom patch fitting and a floor mount.

Self Closing Patch Fitting Set From Bohle
Self Closing Patch Fitting Set From Bohle

The patch fittings are essentially the point of pivot for the door and will allow the door to swing 90 degrees from its fully closed position.

There are a couple types of closing arrangement, one is a free swing Hinge and the other being an automatic closing hinge.

Automatic Closing is ideal when the door is in constant use and also makes the door operation more safe. When the door is used its opens and closes both smoothly and slow. This means it won’t be blown by a sudden blast of wind and swing widly potentially causing damage to itself and users / people.

With the above statement in mind, you could have free swing patch set up and retrofit a closing arm to the door. It would be a little similar to what you would find on a fire door for instance.

Unfortunately, this type of closing arm does not give credit to the look of a shiny new glass partition so most installers/ designers opt for a hydraulic Patch fitting that are now very common or the older but commonly used spring box fitting.

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