What Is The Standard Size For Toughened Glass and its Uses?

Wine display case with glass doors

Depending on application Toughened glass comes in sizes up to a maximum sizes of 6000mm ( 236 inches ) x 3000mm ( 118 inches ). You will find that the thickness can be from 3mm ( 1/8in ) to 19mm ( 3/4in ). All depends on Application.

Below are common uses for glass and the appropriate sizes required in thickness:

Glass Thickness
Metric (mm)
Common Usage for Toughened or Tempered Glass
3mmPicture Glass, Greenhouse glass
4mmGreenhouse glass, Table top covers, Splashbacks, double glazing panes,
6mmTable top covers, Over Bath Panels, Splashbacks, Shower screens, lean to roofs, double glazing panes , Decorative Screens
8mmShower Screens, Small table tops, Glass Doors, DIsplays
10mmShower Screens, Desk tops, Tables, Partition Glass, Glass doors, Decorative Balustrade Infills, Balustrade Glass
12mmShower Glass, Desk Tops, Boardroom Desks, Glass walls, Glass Partitions, Glass Balustrades, Juliet Balconies, Shop Fronts, Promotional Displays
15mmBalustrading, Boardroom Desks, Prominent Table Glass, Kitchen Worktops
19mmBalustrading, Glass Mullions, Boardroom Desks
Glass Thickness
Metric (mm)

The guide is ideal when looking to do your next project, this way you can pre select the glass before you go down the path of designing and then to find it won’t work.

We have had in the past customers wanting to make a shower screens out of 4mm glass or balustrades out of 6mm glass which of course is a no no in the industry.

There are many other uses for glass that we have not mentioned but the above is based on our experience in the trade and to what has the most volume of historical sales.

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