What Is The Cost Of Toughened Glass And Where To Buy It?

Toughened glass Costs

We get asked on so many occasions about how much toughened glass costs? It varies quite considerably dependant on the source of Purchase. So we have had a look around at then online merchants and have a table below of the average costs

For Toughened Glass we would expect to pay in the region of:

Glass Thickness
Metric (mm)
Average Cost Per Square Meter Polished edges in GBP £ Average Cost Per Square Meter Polished edges in USD $
3mm £30.00 Per SQM $40.00Per SQM
4mm £45.00 Per SQM $59.00 Per SQM
5mm £55.00 Per SQM $73.00 Per SQM
6mm £67.00 Per SQM $90.00 Per SQM
8mm£80.00 Per SQM $107.00 P/Sqm
10mm £100.00 P/Sqm $133.00 P/Sqm
12mm £117.00 P/Sqm $155.90 P/Sqm
15mm £235.00 P/Sqm $313.00 P/Sqm
19mm £325.00 P/Sqm $433.00 P/Sqm
Dollar conversion£1.00 = $1.3315.12.19

Prices above have included Polishing on all sides. This would be the finish you would expect to receive when you use the glass for a table top or a shower screen for instance.

The glass would be toughened to BSEN12150 English Standard.

How can we order our toughened glass?

There are plenty of online suppliers for instance PLG glass who are the seller and the processor of glass or you could choose a specialist company like shower-glass.co.uk if you are looking for someone to walk you through the process of a bespoke shower enclosure.

If you live in a town or City, the chances are you can find a glass or glazing merchant. They would be able to help you with ordering toughened glass. The prices can be exaggerated when purchasing from here. Lead times can be quite slow and could be from 7-20 working days. We have had customers experience longer… Generally payment is due upon Collection

If you are lucky enough to have a glass processor near by, this would be the cheapest option, but they generally only deal with Glass Merchants or business with larger orders of glass. This is ultimately not the best option as you will need an account, You will probably have to collect the glass yourself from the processor and it’s as raw an experience as you can get. This generally will provide the quickest lead times however with a turnaround from order of 2-5 days. Payment is generally due upon order

Generally the internet companies will suit both budget and understanding of requirements. Chances are they WILL be able to deliver the glass to your door. Turn Around can be between 7-15 working days. Generally payment is upon order or proforma.

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