How To Measure a Shower Screen Like a Pro With Only DIY Skills.

how to measure a shower screen opening

I am looking at purchasing a custom made bespoke shower screen. How do I measure the opening? I really don’t want to get it wrong…

Below, you can find our step by step process for measuring a shower screen opening with ease.
Before you can do this, you will need some tools to get it accurate. Some of the kit we use, you can either hire or borrow so it should not cost you anything. We recommend using a laser level, this does make sure everything is measure correctly.

You will need:

  • Pencil
  • Notepad or paper
  • Tape measure
  • Laser level
  • Masking tape or similar.

For the tape measure we recommend a Stanley tape measure or similar quality measure that when its opened the tape itself does not go all floppy.

For the Laser level, There are plenty on Amazon or eBay you can purchase for a decent price or just pop down to your local Hardware store and see if they can help. Failing that either borrow from a friend or Hire from a local tool hire company.

Step 1) Is it ready to be measured?

Many times we have been to a home or property to find there is not tiles on the walls and on the rare occasion, there is no shower tray in…

It’s really important that you have the area you will be measuring finished as the gaps that are used for glass are accurate and unforgiving. Remember, toughened glass can’t be cut again!

Step 2) Time to draw.

Draw out the opening on a pad with a pen or pencil. Always view from outside the room or outside of the cubicle so it does not get confusing when passing this information on to your glass supplier or other trade.

Step 3) Find the centre

Take a tape measure and measure the whole width of the shower opening at the bottom between the left and right walls.

Place a piece of masking tape approximately 1/2 of the opening size i.e. if the size was 1200mm then place some masking tape at 1/2 the width of the overall length. In this instance mark 600mm from one of the walls. If this is correct, the tape measure will read the same from both walls left and right.

Step 4) Mark up the rest of the shower.

This is reasonably easy to do with just a tape measure.

So with the upright walls/ cheeks place a small piece of masking tape approx a meter up both left and right walls . Once on the wall remeasure up the wall on both the left and right from the shower tray/ finished floor and make a mark at exactly 1000mm / 1 meter. A Pencil mark is fine!

Step 5) Time for the laser.

Turn on the laser level and point the beam vertically so it runs right through the centre of the Mark you made on the shower tray/ floor tile in step 2.

You can now put the tape measure from the wall marked on the left @ 1 meter up. Where ever the laser beam strikes the tapemeasure, that is the measurement you will write down. Dont forget the orientation of the opening

Do the same for the opposite side of the wall, again write down the measurements.

Follow the same steps at the top of the opening and record those also.

step 6) combining all the sizes. On your pad you should have something wrote down like this.

As you can see on the drawing above the wall on the right goes outwards by around 6mm and the wall on the right tips out at the top by 2mm.

We find its always best to just double check all the measurements if possible just to confirm the sizes.

How do we measure a shaped area in an attic or loft room?

This is a little more tricky but can be done if you follow the steps then add a triangle on the top! Let me explain

On the drawing below there is a rectangle with a triangle on the top. We have already measured the rectangle in the steps above but now we will measure the shape above the rectangle (triangle)

We would normally take a measurement on the lowest point of the shape, in this instance its the bottom left of the shape.

That distance is 1500mm from the shower tray/ floor. we take this measurement to the opposite wall (right) and mark.

We can now measure from the 1500mm to the top of the apex and in this instance it gives us a reading of 501mm.

All we need now is the length of the Hypotenuse ( the long sloped angle at the top) in this instance it’s 1303mm.

You can now email this information direct to your glass supplier.

If you need any more information, we are happy to help, please just leave a comment in the comments section below.

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