A Career In Glass, How Much Does It Pay?

Architectural glass jobs

As with all business, the glass sector covers a wide range of employment from installers to sales.

The list below is an example of the various jobs you would expect to find in the industry.


Architectural glass installers
The pay grade is similar with the exception of when working at height is involved or after hours working.
Generally you must be physically strong and capable to read drawings, take accurate measurements, awareness of building construction, be able to work with others. Installation teams usually work in pairs.

Jobs can include:

  • Shower screen installers
  • Balustrade installers
  • Kitchen Splashbacks and decorative installers
  • Mirror installers
  • Glass partition installers
  • Walk on glass installers
  • Cladding Installation
  • Window and Door installation
  • Facades and Cladding
  • Measuring and surveying

The pay grades for these are in the various ranges below

  • UK semi skilled/ Trainee £18 – £25k Fully Skilled £25 – £40k
  • USA semi skilled/ Trainee $25k – £35k Fully Skilled $37k – $61k
  • AUS semi skilled/ Trainee $30k – £40k Fully Skilled $70k – $85k

Sources Glassdoor.co.uk, Seek.com, Erieri.com

There are a few benefits with glass installation such as a Company vehicle or truck, holiday pay, health insurance (USA), pensions and phone. Its generally clean and good working environment.


Glass Processing and Manufacturing.
Manufacturing of glass is a growth market and is considered to be a secure job by nature.

Due to the demand for glass you can find various shifts working in glass manufacturing with some companies operating a continental shift operation or similar extended hours opportunity. Glass by nature is generally heavy so a physical ability to lift and work is required, read from drawings and diagrams.

Jobs can include:

  • Warehouse operatives
  • Skilled operatives (CNC cutting / Toughening plant)
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Transportation and delivering of goods
  • CAD designers

Generally the pay grades are slightly lower than Installers

  • UK semi skilled/ Trainee £12k – £20k Fully Skilled £18 – £40k
  • USA semi skilled/ Trainee $20k – $28k Fully Skilled $30k – $50k
  • AUS semi skilled/ Trainee $25k – $30k Fully Skilled $50k – $60k

Sources linkedin.com, Vault.com jora.com

Benefits can include holiday pay, sick pay, company pensions

Glass Sales Representatives:

The opportunity to be able to sell glass to both industry and prospective clients can be challenging as there is plenty of healthy competition in this sector. The contracts can be large with big spending budgets so experience is usually required in the Glass industry. A Proven Track record of sales will help with applications.

Many a salesman come from within the industry, the ladder of opportunity is constantly available so it seems. It is a growth industry so don’t be put off if you have not worked in the glass sector.

Jobs can Include:

  • General glass sales
  • Sales Engineers
  • Internal Sales
  • Aftercare Sales

The pay grade is the same or above average in the glass sector, compared to normal sales salary.

  • UK sales £40k – 80k plus benefits
  • USA sales $50k – $90k plus benefits
  • AUS sales $65k – $90k plus benefits OTE $150k

Sources: Indeed.co.uk, simplyhired, seek

In the glass industry, you will find plenty of benefits to attract the right sales staff. Some of the benefits include:

  • Company car or car allowances
  • Private health and dental insurance
  • Phone / Internet/ Laptop
  • Pensions / Life cover
  • Holiday schemes
  • Share schemes


The glass sector is very large broad and diverse.

From transport to solar panels, shower screen and balustrading. There are many sectors to move around in as glass is being used more and more.

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